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Medea With Child

“Amazing sight. She’s a barbarian.”

This spring, Sideshow Theatre Company presents the Chicago premiere of Pulitzer Prize nominee Janet Burroway’s Medea With Child. Unleashing Euripides’ tragedy on a modern, magical, lyrically soaring stage of physical and verbal athletics, this wildly witty retelling blasts down to the core of the Greek classic Medea. When her husband strays from their marriage, Medea’s fury unleashes a storm of epic proportions on both family and country. Can the characters escape the fate that awaits them? And what will be left if they can?

March 14 – April 25, 2010
La Costa Theatre
3931 North Elston Ave

written by: Janet Burroway
directed by: Jonathan L. Green
featuring: John Bonner, Lea Pascal, Nicole Richwalsky, Andrew Sa, Richard Warner, and Sojourner Zenobia Wright


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The cold is nothing when there’s new work to be heard…

When: Sunday, December 13 at 7pm

Where: Cafe Ballou 939 N Western Ave (between Augusta Blvd & Walton St), Chicago, IL

Admission: Free!

The Shot
By: Diana Grisanti

It’s 1992. Post-March Madness. Duke’s in; Kentucky’s out. The Bluegrass State is in ruins, and UK cheerleader Carly has a deep, dark secret: she’s in love with the enemy. Oh, and she also prefers flannel and greasy hair to short skirts and ponytails. At the height of the basketball wars and the culture wars, Diana Grisanti and Matt Schatz bring you a grunge rock musical that’s, like, totally all that and a bag of early 90s chips.

Home Is Where the Sugar Is
By: Holli Gipson

This family drama reveals the bonds and battles of siblings during the crisis of a lost parent. Shelly is a drunk; Grace is a foreigner; Scott is a pushover; Chris is a rogue; Tess is a brat. These are the roles that infantilize these individuals simply by surrounding themselves with their mother’s possessions. But what happens when these possessions become larger than life? Do past transgressions factor in the settlement of assets, specifically ones of high sentimental value? How far will these character’s go? Perhaps possessions have the power to possess, and the greatest gravity of this haunting is familial love.

Join us for our first December Reading!

What: Dark Matters

By: Alex Huntsberger

Directed by: Josh Sobel

When: Wednesday, December 2, doors open @ 7pm and reading starts at 7:30pm

Where: Chief O’Neill’s Pub

3471 N. Elston, Chicago, IL 60618

When a Roo, a young attorney, puts himself on trial for his wife’s suicide, all hell breaks loose inside his noggin. Said wife, Jane, returns as an avatar of vengeance and his appointed counsel, known only as The Man, proves once and for all that the line between righteousness and self-righteousness is a thin and treacherous one indeed. So iIn the end it’s up to Jane’s more level-headed sister, Jac, to pull Roo  back from the brink––even it means some of his principles get trampled on along the way. Dark Matters: a play about love, law and what holds it all together.


First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came out on Monday night to hear Benjamin’s play. I think he got a lot of really useful feedback!

Secondly, we have an opening for our November reading. If you know any playwrights under 35 who have a play they want to hear read out loud, send them our way. They can reach us at either or We are booked through February so this is your last chance to submit for 2009!

Lastly, if you are an actor or director interested in participating in one of our readings, please drop me a line and let me know that too.

Happy October!

Join us for our October reading!


by Benjamin Brownson

DATE: Monday, October 19th at Grace O’Malley’s (1416 S. Michigan Avenue)

TIME: The doors open at 7PM and the reading begins at 7:30PM


(although an autumn reading definitely calls for a spiked cider, pumpkin beer or Irish coffee!)

Four years ago Josh went to college across the country, leaving behind Stilwater, the town he hated and, Melissa, the best friend he loved.  Now he’s back and looking for answers.  Why did Mel stop calling?  What happened to the friendship they once had?  Is it too late to get it back?

Alternating between past and present, Nightingale is the story of a friendship in a small town, making up for lost time, and what being there for someone is really all about.