Looking for a low-key and informative atmosphere to introduce, listen and aid in the development of your new play? The Inch Worm Playreading is the exact forum for you. Not only are we dedicated to the process of revision, but we are looking to forge a young theatre community. The Inch Worm Playreading Series is the co-production of two Chicago Dramatist interns and playwrights who are interested in sponsoring readings of new works in a relaxed atmosphere among an audience of friends, colleagues and peers who are willing to offer supportive, useful criticism and insight.

Starting this May, Inch Worm will produce one to two playreadings per month at local Chicago bars. The way it works is simple; a playwright comes to us with a play. The playwright is responsible for finding a director and/or cast and scheduling any rehearsals. We will schedule the location and help market the event. On the day of the reading, we ask that the playwright and his cast show up an hour early to help us set up. The bars are giving us the space for the free, so we do ask that all audience members try to purchase a beverage (or several!). At the end of the reading, we will provide a facilitator to hold a brief feedback session, and hopefully, the playwright will then have a better sense of the play’s strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to keep the playreadings low-key, informative and fun.

As of now the month of May is filled, but we are still looking to fill spots for June, July and August. Please e-mail us a copy of your play and three possible weeks for performance. Also if you know any directors and actors that are interested in this type of work please pass the information on to them as well.


Contact us at or leave a comment below…