For Inch Worm’s premiere reading, we’ve teamed up with Live Wire Theatre Company to introduce Her Brilliant Sway of the Moral Hinge.

Admission is FREE, but we would really love it if you purchased a drink and stuck around afterward to let the playwright know what you thought.

Where: Grace O’Malley’s on 1416 Michigan Ave.

When: Wednesday, May 27 @ 7 p.m.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cast and play:

Her Brilliant Sway of the Moral Hinge

Written By: Holli Gipson

Directed By: Joshua Aaron


Eve: Madeline Long

Alex: Matt Kelley

Bryce: Chris Zdenek

Eve and Alex are two teenage runaways from St. John’s Catholic Boarding School hiding out in an abandoned apartment. In the interlude of sneaking food and leisurely reading, they engage in heightened role playing games with stakes higher than either are willing to tackle. However, when Alex rescues the brutalized orphan Bryce from an alley brawl, he becomes the catalyst for Eve’s personal confrontation. Bryce’s courage in processing his own sexual idiosyncrasies and the prejudices that ensue force Eve to examine her obedience to a moral code from an outside source. Will she have the courage to liberate the virtues from their social restraints, ultimately leading her to true love? What if that love is the highest social taboo of all?