Join us for our first December Reading!

What: Dark Matters

By: Alex Huntsberger

Directed by: Josh Sobel

When: Wednesday, December 2, doors open @ 7pm and reading starts at 7:30pm

Where: Chief O’Neill’s Pub

3471 N. Elston, Chicago, IL 60618

When a Roo, a young attorney, puts himself on trial for his wife’s suicide, all hell breaks loose inside his noggin. Said wife, Jane, returns as an avatar of vengeance and his appointed counsel, known only as The Man, proves once and for all that the line between righteousness and self-righteousness is a thin and treacherous one indeed. So iIn the end it’s up to Jane’s more level-headed sister, Jac, to pull Roo  back from the brink––even it means some of his principles get trampled on along the way. Dark Matters: a play about love, law and what holds it all together.