The cold is nothing when there’s new work to be heard…

When: Sunday, December 13 at 7pm

Where: Cafe Ballou 939 N Western Ave (between Augusta Blvd & Walton St), Chicago, IL

Admission: Free!

The Shot
By: Diana Grisanti

It’s 1992. Post-March Madness. Duke’s in; Kentucky’s out. The Bluegrass State is in ruins, and UK cheerleader Carly has a deep, dark secret: she’s in love with the enemy. Oh, and she also prefers flannel and greasy hair to short skirts and ponytails. At the height of the basketball wars and the culture wars, Diana Grisanti and Matt Schatz bring you a grunge rock musical that’s, like, totally all that and a bag of early 90s chips.

Home Is Where the Sugar Is
By: Holli Gipson

This family drama reveals the bonds and battles of siblings during the crisis of a lost parent. Shelly is a drunk; Grace is a foreigner; Scott is a pushover; Chris is a rogue; Tess is a brat. These are the roles that infantilize these individuals simply by surrounding themselves with their mother’s possessions. But what happens when these possessions become larger than life? Do past transgressions factor in the settlement of assets, specifically ones of high sentimental value? How far will these character’s go? Perhaps possessions have the power to possess, and the greatest gravity of this haunting is familial love.